Traction Battery - Forklift
Traction Battery

Products include forklift truck battery, reach truck battery, counter balance truck battery, stacker battery, VNA battery and traction battery chargers. Our partners for these products are TAB, GS Yuasa, Eternity and TCE.

Yellow Electric Cleaner Scrubber Sweeper
Industrial Cleaning Machine Battery

Our deep cycle battery consists of cleaning machine battery, scrubber machine battery and sweeper battery. They are used to power up industrial cleaning machines comprising of scrubber machines, heavy duty sweepers and polishing machines. We provide batteries from US Battery.

Electric Golf Cart
Other Electric Vehicle Battery

Vehicles that use one or more electric or traction motors for propulsion. Some examples include golf carts, mining locomotives, access platforms, utility vehicles and others. We provide golf buggy and cart battery, electric vehicle battery (EVB), battery electric vehicle (BEV), aerial work platform battery, scissor lift batteries, boomlift battery and skylift battery.

Battery Monitoring
Accessory and Battery Monitoring

Accessories include water filling systems, electrolyte mixing systems, electrolyte level sensors and battery monitoring systems.